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La settimana scorsa quando io andavo verso la mia macchina, io ho veduto un bel paesaggio. L’autunno ha dipinto le foglie cremisi ed arancione. Il sole stava tramontando e ha gettato un bagliore dorato. Io sempre porto la mia macchina … Continue reading

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For some reason my camera does not want to read true red. It seems to always come out some strange shade of dark, hot pink. I have been trying to get a good photograph of my Mocha Cherry begonias for … Continue reading

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IL Bandito

Each week I have an assignment to write something in Italian for class. It can be something that happened during the week or something we made up. I did not make this up. (English translation follows). (Corrections made to the … Continue reading

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Two Weeks That Changed My Life Forever

Come un sogno…..but much more than a dream. I think it was towards the end of 2005 that I started thinking about how I wanted to celebrate my 60th birthday although it was still three years away. When planning a big … Continue reading

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Reflections on Retirement

On November 22 it will be one year since I left my job of 24 years and did not look back. Have I missed working? Are you kidding? I love my freedom. Of course it helped that I left almost … Continue reading

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Mi dispiace di dover andare via cosi presto.

According to this lovely, huge Italian to English dictionary that no one but me probably uses here…the phrase above means “I’m sorry I have to go away so soon.” I truly am. But someday I’ll be back to stay…forever. I … Continue reading

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Which I have discovered in Italian would be ODM! for O Dio Mio. This weekend I have gotten quite an “education”. With the idea of eventually moving to Venice I have enrolled in a beginning Italian class at the local … Continue reading

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