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Won’t you let me take you on a sea cruise?

Since my chemo is on hold until July 13 so that we are hoping my neuropathy improves I thought I would share a little adventure. First for those who are interested the American Cancer Society has a really good discussion … Continue reading

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Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Hurray! Progress continues in my battle against the big “C”. Dr. X. called yesterday with the latest number from the CA125 test and I’m down from 18 a couple weeks ago to 8 this week. This is good news again. … Continue reading

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Along a Woodland Path

Yesterday, being a Thursday, was my best day of the week thanks to the steroids they give me as a part of my chemo anti-side effects cocktail on Wednesday. It was a gloriously beautiful day here just south of Seattle, … Continue reading

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Lions and tigers and….peonies….oh, my!

I promised a friend that I would do a post of my pictures from the Peony Festival at the Chinese Gardens that have been created in the arboretum at South Seattle Community College. The festival takes place every year but I can’t make … Continue reading

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La settimana scorsa quando io andavo verso la mia macchina, io ho veduto un bel paesaggio. L’autunno ha dipinto le foglie cremisi ed arancione. Il sole stava tramontando e ha gettato un bagliore dorato. Io sempre porto la mia macchina … Continue reading

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That Old Devil Moon

I look at you and suddenly something in your eyes I see Soon begins bewitching me It’s that old devil moon that you stole from the skies It’s that old devil moon in your eyes. Old Devil Moon written by … Continue reading

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This is a test of my internet speed!

Yes, this is just what it says….to see if my speed is really faster than my previous provider and wow, is it ever! So I will entertain you with some lovely pictures from the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens … Continue reading

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IL Bandito

Each week I have an assignment to write something in Italian for class. It can be something that happened during the week or something we made up. I did not make this up. (English translation follows). (Corrections made to the … Continue reading

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Mi dispiace di dover andare via cosi presto.

According to this lovely, huge Italian to English dictionary that no one but me probably uses here…the phrase above means “I’m sorry I have to go away so soon.” I truly am. But someday I’ll be back to stay…forever. I … Continue reading

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Buon Anno!

Today was another beautiful blue sky day. I was out meandering for a while, trying to avoid the crowds on that main route between the train station and San Marco. But since I had some shopping I thought I needed … Continue reading

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