At last…Spring 2017

Yes, at last Spring, which has been a long time coming to the Pacific Northwest, is showing more signs of its arrival. I’ve been watching the rhododendron hedge along the walkway between my apartment and the pool. It’s had buds for a while now but opening has been slow. According to the local news sources we have had the wettest rainy season (starting in October 2016) in Seattle history. From October 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017 we had received 38.22 inches of rain. That’s a lot of water. And we’ve had quite a bit since the first of March.

DSCN7099DSCN7101 I took these photos last Thursday, May 4th, I think.  Several hours later around 4 pm we had a major storm with thunder and lightning. We don’t usually get thunderstorms here so it was quite an event that did a lot of damage just to the south of where I am. I was lucky and didn’t loose power although it did blink off and back on for about a minute.

After it was over I caught this view of the sky.


Earlier this week it had been a little warmer and the rhododendrons had made a little progress.



And here they are today in all of their glory.



Sort of makes it look like I live in a woodland glade but that car parked in the lower right corner is a giveaway.

I manage to catch a couple of shots of a very, very brave squirrel…Diavolo was watching from the patio and would have had a snack if he had been interested. I’ve tried before to get a picture of this one. He/she comes on my patio and buries peanuts in my flower pots. When I go out to plant or dig my grey friend watches from the lawn. If I dig up a peanut I either put it back or toss it out into the lawn near its owner.


As many of you know I’ve had a bit of a health set back that began a week after I was back from Venice. I won’t go into major detail but a PET scan showed that I still have an active area in a tumor (yes, that means I still have cancer) that was previously treated and I’m in the process of setting up more Cyberknife appointments. Please do not ask for more information. It’s really hard for me to constantly answer questions about how I’m doing, what I do all day, etc. Thinking and talking about what I can and can’t (mostly can’t ) do makes me sad. I don’t like being sad. That doesn’t mean I have my head in the sand, it means I don’t dwell on my disabilities. Just remember that your friend is and has been seriously ill with cancer, its treatments and the side effects( mostly those pesky side effects) of those treatments for over a year now. When there are improvements I will let you know. Oh, and please, I’m not dying so save the sympathy. Your good wishes and prayers are appreciated. If I need anything else I will ask. I have been referred to a doctor who is a specialist in Palliative care to help with my peripheral neuropathy that was caused by last year’s chemo and has not improved in the least. I’m hoping for some relief there.   Again, I will share with you what I feel like sharing….things like books I’ve read or movies I’ve seen (I love Netflix old school on DVD). Speaking of movies I just saw “A Street Cat Named Bob” based on the book of the same name which is a true story. Also true is the fact that Bob the cat developed such a great rapport with the actor who plays James that he (Bob) plays himself in the movie….no stand in cats. Even if you aren’t a cat person the story is great.  According to Netflix they just mailed me “Hidden Figures” today…also a true story. 

About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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16 Responses to At last…Spring 2017

  1. If you have Netflix have a look for a movie (1988) called a month in the country. It will transport you to a different time and place. It’s nice of you to surface at all to keep us apprised, Spring is also finally taking a stand here in Scotland too.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      I think I have seen that movie…a long time ago but I’ll check it out again.
      I think of you every time I work on my Ancestry tree and find more relatives in Scotland.

  2. Oh, I love, love, loved Hidden Figures !! Such strong wonderful women … I have a feeling you will love it, too, bella! Your little peanut gatherer/secreter is very cute. I’m sure he/she appreciates your taking care with the peanuts when you find them. 😉 Big hugs to you and Diavolo. x0xx

  3. 💖🌸💐🌻🌺🏵⚘🌹🐞🙏

  4. Oh gosh, spring has not even BEEN. I cannot believe I still turn on the fireplace some mornings! WE will relish the cool at the coast in July and August, but right now, I could use a dose of 65 degrees! “Hidden Figures” is fantastic. Watch it twice. Netflix has on DVD a sweet Swedish movie, “A Man Called Ove.” The book is even better. I hope you’ll share more movie ideas. I am always looking for something my husband will watch with me. Baci!

    • mvaden1948 says:

      I’m still turning on the heat in the morning but right now the sun is shining and I have the patio door open to hear the birdsong.
      Two more recent films, both based on books…”Lion” and “The Light Between Oceans”. And since I love old school musicals I adored “La La Land”. I saw an interview with the director who said he was strongly influenced by one of my favorite French films from the 60’s..”The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”.
      And I adored “Hidden Figures”. I’m always a little sad at the history, particularly women’s history, that “they” never told us about. Oh, speaking of women and girls…”The Queen of Katwe”.
      That should keep you busy for a while.
      There were a lot of movies that my late husband would never have chosen to watch but he would thank me for them after he watched…. like the one having an anniversary this year “Dirty Dancing”.

  5. Such beautiful colors! And the squirrel pictures just made me smile – those are such interesting, fun animals to observe. ps: an email is coming your way very soon

  6. It’s so pretty out there. I love the sky! We are headed back to the Pacific Northwest! We’ll be going to Victoria, Port Renfew, Campbell River and Seattle. We may meet up with the blogger from Travel-Gourmand (Seattle based), we are playing it by ear because her schedule is tight. We will be in Seattle for two days so that doesn’t help either. Would you like to join us if you are free? Can be a little blogger get together. email me: and I will let you know when we will be in town.

    We have to watch A Street Cat Named Bob.Thanks for reminding me. I keep forgetting and saw it listed a week or two ago. I don’t know your taste in humor but we enjoyed Ali Wong and Michael Che. We saw Che perform stand up a few weeks ago. Che is from the same projects as my family and his gentrification jokes are very relatable for me. Ali Wong can be quite vulgar if you don’t mind that humor.

    It’s summer here. It was in the 90s the past few days. I put my cats on trees in front of fans and AC. My places is a heat box. Glad it will be in the 60s for the AIDS Walk on Sunday. We are trying to be more active with causes and decided to join the walk instead of just donating like usual. We’ll get a little exercise too.

  7. Rachel McAlpine says:

    Looking at your entrancing photos takes me straight back to my brother-in-law’s intense delight in the natural world. I’m aware of you reading those poems and imagine them triggering different trains of thought. Good wishes from New Zealand.

  8. janet graham says:

    I have a new lap top an have lost your email address
    Love Jan

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