L’ora blu

I was worried for a bit that I would have to call this post “Best laid plans”. My plan had been to walk out to the fondamenta close to 6pm to once again hear the symphony of the church bells singing out 6 pm. I know Italy uses the 24 hour clock but do you really want to hear a church bell clang 18 times? I found my usual bench and just as I was settled this pulled up to the dock.


Engine idling there is no way I could hear myself think, let alone hear the church bells from across the way. I had seen people on the roof earlier and thought perhaps this was some tour boat coming to fetch a convention for an excursion.


Imagine my surprise when only one man came out and hopped aboard and they took off. Luckily just before six.


As you will note in the picture above the light wasn’t the same as it was yesterday. And I’ll bet you weren’t expecting ducks. 


Lights began blinking on in the palazzos across the way.


People begin making their way to their evening plans as tourists sit deciding what to do for the evening. It’s usually only tourists who sit on the steps like this.


Maybe they are trying to decide if it is warm enough to dine outdoors. After all, some of the restaurants have heaters.


The bells have done their magic and the lights are illumined at the Hilton.



This is my building….I’m in the back, or maybe actually the middle of the side.


With the sunset so went the warmth of the day. I was longing for my warmer coat that was upstairs. The white at the right of the picture is a passageway that takes me to the back of the hotel and puts me directly below my apartment windows. I’ve figured out exactly where they are.


A glimpse into the kitchen….of the restaurant, silly, not my apartment. You can see by the clock on the wall that it is just about 6:15.


At the other end of the tunnel. I only have a short way from here to the end of the building where I enter the door code and step into the overly warm ground floor. It’s always like entering a furnace and I’m not sure considering the cost of the heating why they keep it that warm. My apartment has it’s own heating control and I can keep it at the level I prefer.


A domani.


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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2 Responses to L’ora blu

  1. Marilyn Richardson says:

    Hi Michelle. I’m curious to know if you are enjoying this location on Guidecca the same as when you were in Castello last time. I know you’re much closer to the canal so that is nice, but do you like the remote location as well. I’m enjoying reading your daily reports and seeing the pix.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      The price was the deciding factor in renting here ….only 50 Euros a night. The lovely Castello apartment came up 3700 Euros for the month….way out of my price range. Although it was right on that little canal with it’s boat traffic and the kids going across the bridge to school every day. Each place has their own attributes…both good and not so good (but not bad). Part of what I’m dealing with is my mobility issues. For me it is a very, very long walk to either of the two vaporettos to get to what I consider Venice proper so I’m already exhausted by the time I get to the vaporetto. It would have been the same in the Castello apartment. So short of staying right next to a vaporetto stop on the Grand Canal…which, yup, is out of budget….
      The keeper of the keys for this apartment said I’m welcome to use the Hilton Shuttle….you’ve seen it in my pictures. I’ve had problems keeping my balance on the pontile so I’m apprehensive with the smaller boat but I’ll try it soon. I only hope they are as wonderful as the workers on the vaporetto with helping ladies with canes on and off.
      I did love going to the Sacca Fisola food market last Friday and will go again tomorrow…this time with my wheeled cart so I can carry more…as it was all local Venetians shopping there. I was the only person not fluent in Italian. And I want more of those lovely tomatoes!
      Because I know my limitations I only do a little bit a day and then come back and rest. The TV has umpteen TV channels….yes, all in Italian so I’m getting plenty of practice deciphering the news. But I’m also getting the latest in Italian music. It is a comfortable place and the little kitchen is surprisingly well equipped.
      The weather is perfect and I’d love to be out wandering everywhere but my current chemo induced peripheral neuropathy which makes me unable to feel where my feet are is keeping from doing that. It is quite frustrating to say the least.
      But above all, I’m glad I’m here!!
      Venice remains and will always be the city of my dreams.

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