La Domenica

The above photo was taken in case there is any doubt as to where we are (maybe that should be where I am? or where am I?)

Here is the entire picture taken from in front of the Molino Stucky Hilton Hotel where there are benches to sit and enjoy the view and it’s right next door to my apartment. It looks like they have a little altana on top of the port offices….someplace for them to sit and enjoy the view….of me.


Yesterday it was overcast, threatening rain and my feet and ankles were swollen so I sat with my feet up watching Italian music videos. I did make my pasta sauce with a handful of this and a pinch of that with what I found in the kitchen and the vegetables I got at the market. It turned out quite nice if I do say so. I have about a quart of sauce left in the mini fridge…..would that be a “frigeriferorino”? Or maybe just a piccolo frigerifero?

I tied the curtain up with a scarf to have a better view of my surroundings. I discovered a few things.


It looks like I live in a castle. Ignore the crane, please.


And I have a view of the pool. Being Venice it is not an in-ground pool but one on the roof top across the way. About five stories above me. I can just see the glass surround. I checked their website and yes, that is the pool.


Proof of rain.


And I discovered this afternoon that if I walk out my door and down this calle and turn left at the end I come to Piazza Nutella, which unfortunately is not operational at this time of the year but you can still get the crepes and cioccolato caldo inside the Rialto Bar after 4 pm. I was there at 2:30 pm. I’ll save it for another day. I did treat myself to lunch at the Rialto Bar where I had a table for one by the potted plant. There are lots of tables for two or four by potted plants also so there was no discrimination.


Carnevale has ended so it was a quiet Sunday afternoon. I’m sorry, I did not take a picture of the delicious Lasagna Bolognese. But I did get a nice shot of the cappuccino and the biscotti. I had already eaten two of them.


Those tiny cookies were melt in your mouth. Total bill including a 3 Euro coperto and a bottle of water came to 34 Euro. A big splurge but I’m worth it and I don’t need dinner. The shops were  not open yet. Being Sunday they open later. I did look in the window and I’m sure I would get better prices on the glass jewelry and candy bars elsewhere. It is a beautiful place though. So I found a bancomat (ATM to people in the States) and padded my cash which was getting low and was delighted when it was all 20’s rather than the 50’s they have spit out in the past. It’s hard to pay for a cappuccino with a 50 Euro note.

I wandered out to the fondamenta (read water side) and sat on a bench for a bit.


Ah ha, the Fortuny showroom is only one bridge away. I can at least go look. I’ll check online for their hours. I’m a lover of beautiful fabrics and I would love one of their lamps but my budget won’t bear it. I do have a fake one in my living room at home.

Oh, wait, there’s a plain one for only 397 Euro.

Or I could get a silk scarf for only 148 Euro.

I may just think about that one. After all I do wear scarves and it would be an investment piece. After all he’s famous for that pleated fabric.

And don’t forget to check out the glass lamps on their website. I can only dream.

Found it. Maybe on Tuesday….

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday, 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm

Domani! Domani I will ride the vaporetto to the other side….and go to the supermercato and buy mundane things like milk at the Conad (it used to be Billa and it’s not in this picture but you get the picture).


Here comes the Hilton Shuttle. They think I’m waiting for them but I’m not. I do know they go to the Zattere but it’s closer to Conad for me to take the Sacca Fisola vaporetto to San Basilio and no bridge to cross to get to the supermercato with my little wheeled cart.


I understand snow is predicted in my little corner of Washington. So glad I’m here….for many reasons.



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I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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15 Responses to La Domenica

  1. Ahh, Venice weather! We went last year in March and it was great! Today we had a dusting of SNOW in Lincoln City.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      But you must have missed snow…for a bit at least. Did you get snow while living in Rome? I have heard that it is really special to stand in the Pantheon and have the snow drift down.
      The Portland area has really gotten more than it’s fair share of snow and ice this year. Quite a welcome home for you.

      • I so hoped for snow in Rome, but it happened a few months before we moved there in 2012. It is very rare!

        Portland did get hammered and we were house-bound at our son’s more than we could have imagined. I like snow on my terms: the Val Gardena in winter, for example.

  2. 42x camera zoom? Have you discovered any new planets yet?

  3. Enjoying your daily reports. It’s lovely to think of you in Venice.

  4. Marc-André says:

    Beautiful photos! We are counting down the days until we join you in Venice now. 🙂

  5. Marilyn Richardson says:

    I’m loving getting your reports of your current trip to Venice. We had sort of a difficult trip with my hip problems when we were there in October. My replacement surgery will be the end of May.
    Here’s hoping I can still teach line dance afterwards. Please continue posting your reports.

  6. What an adventure! What wonderful posts from Venice! Keep sharing!

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