Venerdi Mercato

This morning dawned beautiful again. No, I’m not complaining. But I didn’t have any internet and it was too early to call Daniela. So I waited and then remembered that I had invested in a data SIM that has 12 g and I was going to install it in my phone today. I got it in the phone and nothing happened for about an hour. I thought what a waste of money but just then I got a text from them saying it was now set up and ready to go. Since the company is in the UK and Italy is an hour ahead I just probably had to wait for the tech to come to work and push a button. So now I can access the internet with that and use my apps around town….if I really need to.

I was unsure about what I wanted to try to do today. Rain is predicted for the weekend and I really needed to get some food in here. Something fresh. The information provided by the owner said there is a Friday Food Market in Sacca Fisola. From the map I couldn’t tell exactly where it was so I decided to take a joy ride on the vaporetto and headed to the Sacca Fisola stop.

The door to my building. It is the one on the right of the key pad (the round thing in the middle) where I punch in the code to open the door.


My apartment is not on the water side of the building. But then I’m not paying for a water view. I get it everytime I come out.


A different view of the Hilton Garden….this is the back entrance of their part of the complex.


I will walk over closer soon and see if I can find more information on the “guardians” as I am calling them for now. Oh, maybe that is the entrance to the spa. How nice to have it so close but I have seen the list of their prices. Not in my budget.

This is the bridge I have to cross to Sacca Fisola, the little island next door.


I made a new friend along the way. Okay, it seems to be plastic but someone left it there. Wonder if it will still be there when I go that way again. It’s much nicer than doggie pooh.


The bridge looms ahead of me. At least it has a ramp and places to step out and rest along the way.


The view from one of those resting places. That red brick building is mine…at least part of it for the month of March. As noted previously my apartment is located on the east side with a view of….other apartments.dscn6063

Well, Sacca Fisola isn’t very big and there, right in front of me as I reached the calle that would take me to the vaporetto was the Friday Market. Open air and selling many things. I need to learn to say something other than “un mezzo chilo per favore” when I want something. That is half a kilo…a little over a pound. I got un mezzo chilo di pomodori (tomatoes), un mezzo chilo di funghi(mushrooms), quatro chipolle (onions), due peperoni  rossi (red peppers…do not ask for peperoni on your pizza in Italy because you won’t get meat) and a giant stalk of broccoli (it’s the same in English). My bag was heavy enough so I didn’t get anything else. All of that food cost 7.72 Euros. I needed to sit down for a while and there was a bar right there so I went in and had a cappuccino. It was my first of the trip. It cost all of 1.50 Euro…sitting at a table. I did not take pictures at the market. Maybe next week.


There are benches along this calle to rest too and I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of them. Note, the Carabinieri have an interesting house.dscn6066

Wonder why the windows are shuttered or boarded up in the middle of the day? What are they afraid of?


I’ll take more pictures of it later in the month when the trees have leaves…if the trees have leaves.


Sitting on a bench looking longingly at the bridge in the distance. Honest it’s really not that far, it just felt like it.


See, it’s closer than it seems.


Yes, it had clouded up and was more than a bit overcast. The sun came back out a couple of hours later and it ended the day clear and beautiful. Right across the bridge and around the corner and I was home with my haul which in the picture looks like a lot less than it actually is.


Rain is predicted for the weekend. It may be a good time to check out the Hilton lobby. Easier to get to than anything else. I can look at all their expensive shops. Maybe stop and have a Nutella crepe.

Sun and sun and partly cloudy is predicted for Monday through March 17 which is as far out as my weather app goes. Things can change between now and then as we well know.

BC (before chemo) I would have been easily able to do that walk in 10 minutes or less. Now it is a good 20 to 30 minutes, constantly having to stop to rest. Here’s hoping that doing a little walking like this every day will build up my strength and stamina. What better place to work on that than the City of My Dreams!


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I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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6 Responses to Venerdi Mercato

  1. When I did not need or want a 1/2 chilo of something I defaulted to “200 (due centi) grammi” or perhaps “tre centi” if I wanted a bit more. 🙂

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Good advice. I just couldn’t think of the right words and knew I didn’t want a whole kilo….But now I’ve eaten some of the tomatoes that would have been OK.
      Next Friday I’m taking the cart with wheels.

  2. Just to let you know, snow forecast tonight and tomorrow. Sorry you are going to miss it! Love the photos.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      So glad you are keeping me updated on the weather. Saturday here was a grey day with a little rain but temp still in the 50’s. Supposed to be the same for Sunday but the sun and blue skies come back on Monday.
      I discovered I have a view of the pool at the Hilton. Since this is Venice they can’t dig a hole and put one in the ground so it’s on the roof…About five stories above me on the other side of their main building. I’ll try to get a good picture when the weather clears. I have a 42x’s zoom on my camera.

  3. What a bargain for all those veggies! And, I bet that cappuccino was delicious!

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