Buon Anno Nuovo 2017

What a surprise! Snow in the Seattle area on New Year’s Day hasn’t happened since 1950 according to the news reports. It wasn’t till I turned on the news about 4 pm that I learned that a freak conversion zone had happened over Normandy Park and SeaTac Airport where I live (NP….not the airport although today some people feel like they live there) causing all kinds of trouble. I wasn’t going anywhere so I just enjoyed the view. We did have a brief (about an hour and a half) power outage but it’s back and I’m probably safe putting that chicken breast in the oven. But I have to go around resetting a lot of clocks (microwave, coffee maker etc). It wasn’t till 4 pm and the news reports that I discovered we had actually gotten the worst of it. Lots of flights cancelled out of Seattle which of course snarls traffic elsewhere. I received a text that my loosely adopted son was delayed coming home from NOLA (for those who don’t know that is what the tourism people for the city call New Orleans, Louisiana). He said by the time the get home it will be tomorrow. They just live a few blocks from me.

I thought I’d share a few of the pics with you since this was so unusual.


The one above was taken at 4:05 am when I had gotten up to make my usual trip to the facilities and wondered why the light coming through the blinds was so bright. I should remember that is what snow does. There was a good two inches on the ground and still snowing. To those of you who live in snow country that isn’t much. Here it is a lot and really snarls things up.


This and the ones following were taken when I got up for real…after Diavolo had his breakfast and went out to play.




Yes, I had my doctor’s appointments this week and there is some progress. It looks like what showed as a golf ball sized tumor on the MRI the week before is actually the remnants of the dead as in now benign tumor that the chemo and pelvic radiation zapped. The PET scan showed that there is an active “tumor” for lack of a better word in the bone of my left hip that is probably what is causing all the pain. Dr. M (radiation oncologist) is confident it can be eliminated by something called “Cyberknife” which is not surgery but a kind of specialized radiation. I have a consult appointment with them on Tuesday morning (pray for no black ice on the roads to downtown Seattle). I saw the Urologist Dr. F this last Tuesday and he agrees I need a stent to keep the ureter between my bladder and left kidney from collapsing and I’m scheduled for that procedure on January 11. PET scan was on Wednesday and then I saw Dr. M on Thursday for results.  My friend C. took me to run errands on Friday and I was so exhausted and spent so much time on my feet that I could not accomplish everything so Trader Joe’s and their goodies (and the gift card I got for Christmas will have to wait). I find that currently if I have to stand for more than five minutes or walk more than a few feet the pain meds lose their effectiveness and I just want to go home and curl up in a ball. Dr. M. assures me that when we get rid of that spot in the hip bone this will go away and that I will indeed be ready for Venice in March. I probably won’t have the activity level I had on my trip in 2013 but I have my choice, cancel the trip and lose a lot of money and stay home and be miserable or go to Venice prepared for a less active time….after all, I’m there a month, I can take my time, and spend a lot of time relaxing in cafes drinking cappuccino, visiting with friends and enjoying what I find to be the very healing atmosphere of the city of my dreams.

In November I received a little sign that everything would be okay eventually. The same sign that Noah had:


Look very carefully….I know you can see it….no Skittles involved.


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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21 Responses to Buon Anno Nuovo 2017

  1. I see it – very discreet ! 🙂 How beautiful. The serendipitous snow is so picturesque ~ did Diavolo cope with it ok? I have a feeling Ella would be straight back inside in a flash !! That’s all sounding positive with the bit of work upcoming to tidy that hip. Recuperating in Venice will be wonderful for you, bella !! Baci !

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Diavolo loved going out in the snow although I’m not sure he played in it. He just stayed out longer than usual. I personally think he visited a friend who let him in and that’s why he was gone so long.
      It’s not supposed to be warm enough to melt today. Today is the legal holiday because New Year’s was on a Sunday but I can already hear people trying to drive on the ice ruts in the parking lot. I’m really worried about my appointment tomorrow morning. Even walking to my car with my can can be risky. Keep fingers and toes crossed please.

  2. Elizabethlb.King@gmail.com says:

    ciao, Bella
    What an amazing collection of pix! Such beautiful snowscapes …

    Wish you all the best for a “felice anno nuovo” and a wonderful time in Venice!
    Good luck for getting the appointments lined up and nearly there (in more ways than one : )
    Ciao, ciao

  3. Jo says:

    Happy New Year and the best of luck with your medical procedures. There can be nothing better and more restorative than a trip to Venice – get your vaporetto tickets and just go up and down the Canale Grande on the no. 1!! Kind regards, Jo

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Thank you, Jo.
      Several years ago when I was in Venice for my first long stay I bought what was then called the iMob card (now Venezia Unica) which allows me to buy a month’s pass at the local rate. You can believe I will be using it and taking advantage of all the vaporetti.

  4. Marc-André says:

    Happy New Year!

    We hope everything will go well with that appointment and you are in our thoughts. ❤

  5. Julie Stone says:

    Happy New Year to you! I’m sorry to hear of the complications and I’m sending prayers and hopes for clear sidewalks/roads, capable care and an easy road to better days. ❤

  6. That snow only reinforced the meaning of that little sign (of the best kind). 🙂

    • mvaden1948 says:

      But sadly I have to reschedule my doctor tomorrow as it hasn’t and won’t be warming enough by 7 am to allow me to walk to my car, let alone have the energy to scrape the ice and snow off or drive it out of the parking lot. Our temps, although the sun is shining will hover around freezing during the daytime and way below till the end of the week. I’m hoping they can give me a rescheduled appointment for Monday
      Today is the holiday observation so I can’t call till the morning.

  7. Happy New Year! Beautiful. We haven’t had a snow like that yet, just a little dusting.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Happy New Year to you and yours.
      I wish my snow and ice was gone. It is all around us and people don’t believe me when I say I can’t walk to my car because the parking lot is too icy (osteoporosis….can’t risk a fall). Anyway, I’m calling a taxi to take me to my doctor’s appointment later today.
      Sure wish I could just sit and enjoy looking at it since the sun is shining and it is beautiful but not above freezing.

      • Be careful! I slid down the subway stairs and got a big black bruise. It took over half a year for that butt cheek to feel normal. Glad I didn’t slide down on my tailbone. We got a little snow yesterday am. It’s really cold so it’s getting icy.

      • mvaden1948 says:

        My car is still in the frozen tundra known as the back parking lot. I took cabs to and from my doctor’s appointments this week as I could get out the front and streets are clear. A little warmer… above freezing, and tomorrow’s rain will hopefully wash away what’s left and maybe even the snow from my car.😁

  8. Herman says:

    Wow! Beautiful photographs!
    Wishing you all the best, Misha, and a wonderful happy 2017!

  9. Hello dear friend! I’ve just nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award! You are such an inspiration to me! https://inspiredbyvenice.org/2017/01/17/blogger-recognition-award/

  10. Beautiful pics. Realized I’ve missed a few posts.Hope everything is ok. Wishing you the best.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Grazie, my friend.
      I start treatment for the tumor in my hip this week.. Couldn’t get earlier appointments. From what the doctors say this should take care of it and I will be able to board the plane to Venice on February 28. From here it is overnight so I arrive on March 1st.

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