I Tulipani

Last Saturday after my “shearing” I went to the nearby market for milk. It is a small market with an interesting selection of items but because it is not part of one of the chains it is very expensive…at least to my eyes. I came out with a quart of milk and a bunch of tulips. It is amazing the joy a $3.99 bunch of flowers can bring to a person.

DSCN5847For nearly a week now  I have watched them in the vase by my chair as they perform that dance that tulips do. Yes, even in a vase they continue to grow and they twist and turn to find the light. It’s hard to find as my only window faces north but sometimes they used the lamp on the table.


Back in the day when tulips had their own stock exchange in Amsterdam and trading in the bulbs could make or break your fortune I would not have been able to afford these seasonal beauties.



Tulips always remind me of one of my favorite Italian films. The English title is “Bread and Tulips”. I’ve seen it several times and when I got my cancer diagnosis this time I decided I deserved a treat and bought myself a copy of it. At the bottom of the front cover it says “Imagine your life. Now go live it”. That is exactly what I plan to do. The movie is about a woman who is taken for granted by her family and ends up being left behind at a rest stop on a family bus trip. It is a while before they miss her and by the time they get back she has already hitch-hiked trying to catch up. But life takes a different turn and so does she. She goes to the city of my dreams. Venice. See the movie. It’s delightful. Yes, there are subtitles….you don’t have to know Italian.  Please understand that I do not feel neglected by family and friends…my identification with the main character is only the desire to move my life to Venice…eventually.




Not quite ready to share its glory

Not quite ready to share its glory

The heart of the matter

The heart of the matter

Getting light where it can

Getting light where it can

Oh, you say you are here for my news? Well, it has been a very good day today. Chemo was yesterday. My fifth treatment. I told Dr. X that I always feel really good, almost normal, on Thursdays. He smiled and said that it’s the steroids that are included in the anti side effect drugs. Their side effect is that they also give me heartburn. Fixed that today…bought some Tums.


My really good news it that yesterday Dr. X took another CA 125 test. This is the blood test that he did at our first visit and came back with the results of my level being 165 and normal being 0-35. This led to a Pet scan, a biopsy and chemo. He called me this morning at 8:50 with the results…18! This means the chemo is working. He made my day. It’s almost worth losing my hair. And as we all know there can be setbacks but for now I am doing my happy dance.

Oh, and those prayers, good thoughts and candles lit in churches around the world, including Venice, are working too.

And since he asked to be included…here is Diavolo in one of his favorite sleeping positions:


And me after five weeks of chemo.



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I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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16 Responses to I Tulipani

  1. Shell Sherree says:

    You’ve had a lovely time exploring those tulips from all angles, bella ! I’m so very happy to hear about those test results. A veritable cheer squad ! Have a beautiful evening with your sweet Diavolo. x0

  2. gooddayrome says:

    Love that movie, love your °tulipani,° and love that your chemo is working!

  3. Laura joseph says:

    Beautiful!! I love the tulips and their love of light!! Love and prayers daily and thanksgiving that prayers are heard. 😘

  4. Julie Stone says:

    Those are exquisite tulips! I’m so happy to hear the good report that the treatment is working! Thank you for sharing your progress. I can’t wait to follow along with your Venice life someday and experience your city again through your eyes. We will keep the good thoughts and prayers coming. ❤

  5. barbary says:

    i commented earlier….don’t see it posted, though.

    beautiful you and flowers………xxoo

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Dear Barbary,
      It’s on my previous post which shows there but not on this one.
      Thank you for the compliments and good wishes.
      Love to my favorite aunt and uncle…oh, wait…you’re my only aunt and uncle…but you would be my favorites anyway.

  6. We used to have very similar coloured tulips in my front flower bed, but since we became an I they have died out, except for a single one that is blooming now. Flowers do make a home inside more pleasant. I have a very prolific rosebush, not blooming yet, but it will keep me in flowers all summer. Glad to hear things are progressing well with you and you can still get around. You look well and quite normal with your head scarf. Thanks for all your blog visits. Say Hi to Diavolo.


    • mvaden1948 says:

      Thank you, Greg. One of my neighbors told me how healthy I look and he saw the grocery bags from Trader Joe’s and figured I must be eating right. I’m just following my doctor’s instructions and a little book about how to thrive through chemo.
      Tulips require a lot of care to re-bloom every year…digging them up helps. But with me…like those lovely orchids (also from Trader Joe) I can never get them to re-bloom so just buy new ones.
      As I said on your blog…so glad Scooby is doing well. One day all of the others will accept him as part of the gang. Diavolo enjoys being an only cat but still gets out to visit his cat and human friends here.

  7. Those tulips are really fiery. I love the ragged edges.

  8. Wonderful post in all its aspects! So happy for you!!! 🙂

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