Lions and tigers and….peonies….oh, my!

I promised a friend that I would do a post of my pictures from the Peony Festival at the Chinese Gardens that have been created in the arboretum at South Seattle Community College. The festival takes place every year but I can’t make it this year so these pictures are from May of 2014. This year’s festival takes place this weekend and here is the link for information for anyone in the Seattle area:

And, no, no tigers but lots of lions…we’ll get to those later.


They have created a building with a courtyard for holding important ceremonies….like a Lion Dance.


While waiting for my friend I heard drums and followed my ears.DSCN4283

The lions are resting at the moment but you should have seen them dance!


A purple one….my favorite color.




Twisting and twirling.


I have always found Koi ponds to be very soothing and relaxing.


But this day was really about the flowers. Not many of the peonies had opened yet but there were lots of other things in bloom too.








And for those of you who came for this…here is my chemo week three update. 

So far so good. The major side effect is the fatigue which keeps me from walking in the gardens of the Peony Festival this weekend. Really tired all the time. That is to be expected. But after my session yesterday I even went out to a late lunch with a friend. My first time in a restaurant in a while. It was good to do that. But then I got home and had a two hour nap…even after sitting in a reclining chair for five hours for my treatment. My only other side effect is that I am, indeed, beginning to lose my hair. There is at least three more times the hair in my comb than usual and I’m finding hair on my clothes and carpet that are not only the wrong color but too long and curly to belong to Diavolo. His is short and black.

And to answer the question that I hear “five hours of chemo?!”. Here is my typical time there: I arrive at 8:45 am and am escorted to a room where a nurse takes my vitals, hooks up the IV attachment to my port and draws some blood. I then wait for a consult with the doctor who reviews my lab results and then when he okays it I move to the chemo area. I get settled in there and the nurse gives me a bag of saline (to make sure I’m well hydrated)…that’s at least an hour. After that I get three different anti-side effect drugs through IV ( the reason I don’t have nausea is there is a bag of drugs for that). Eventually, when it comes from the pharmacy I get the chemo. By this time I have usually had the supplied lunch and of course have read several (should say many) chapters in my book, listened to my iPod, napped while waiting. The nurses don’t always have time to get to me to change the bag right away when the beeper goes off so there is lots of waiting involved. Yesterday it was 1:45 pm when I was finally free to go. There are lots and lots of patients there at the same time as me getting various treatments for various types of cancer. It is a wonderful, and very well run place.  As I’ve mentioned before I’m so glad to have such a wonderful facility so close to my home.

So that’s it for this week. I’ll check back in next week. Hope it is as lovely a day where you are as it is where I am.


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I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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8 Responses to Lions and tigers and….peonies….oh, my!

  1. lizbethraab says:

    Ciao, Michelle!

    Been thinking of you the past few days and glad to hear another week is “done and dusted,” though it sounds as though they are indeed looking after you well.

    Loved the photos of the dancing lions!
    You asked about the weather: overcast and chilly but sometimes a little sunshine. Typical April weather for where I live.

    Take care and continue to “hang in there,”
    Liz K

  2. Beautiful flowers! What a splendid festival!

  3. Sue Merritt says:

    I admire you so much…you are very upbeat and that is gooooood.

    My favorite photo was of the water lilies, made me think of Monet.

    Best wishes, Sue Merritt

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Your positivity is contagious Michelle. Thanks for all your posts 🙂

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