In Search of Christmas Trees at Rialto Mercato

Karen emailed last evening that she had gotten word that the trees were back near the Rialto Mercato and suggested that as a meander and photo opportunity for this morning. I readily agreed and we made plans to meet.

But first for those of you who are concerned that I have not really been posting much about food…and I’m in Italy. Well, I’m staying in an apartment, cooking for myself. I’m “at home” here and doing what I do at home. Thus all the posts about trips to Punto. But for the person who requested a picture of pasta because she was hungry (that was over a week ago, she must be starving by now) here is my pasta from last evening…with putanesca sauce and lots of grated cheese.
And the lovely salad that went with it.
This morning Karen and I met as agreed at the Arsenale vaporetto stop and walked from there to Rialto. Here are some things that caught my eye along the way.
Here is a close up of the polar bears (I know there seems to be a dog and a squirrel also) in the window.
We found them! The Rialto Christmas Trees!
But you do have to spend some time waiting for the “tourists” to get out of the picture. Just when you think you have it someone steps into your frame. Wait, that’s not a tourist; that’s Karen.
While Karen was purchasing fish for her dinner I had to catch this Signora selling her fish in her fur hat. At least her head was warm.
Swordfish was big in the market today.
After Karen completed her purchase (she did not buy swordfish) we paused for refreshment and she treated me to post birthday cappuccini….yes, that’s correct…two. No pic of the cappuccino but a little of the decoration in the bar.


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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8 Responses to In Search of Christmas Trees at Rialto Mercato

  1. Jan Graham says:

    Love the Christmas Trees at the Rialto, you are certainly having a great time, what can I say but Enjoy,

  2. lizbethraab says:

    and a red carpet rolled out too …

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Wasn’t it nice of them to do that for us? Well, I guess it wasn’t just for us.
      Karen said they did that the year before last but didn’t last year (I would have remembered as I was here at this time last year).

  3. Mindy says:

    Love the fur hats and the Christmas trees. I’m loving your photos and comments. So happy that you’re having such an amazing time. When do you meet up with Susie and Mark?

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Ciao Mindy,
      Haven’t heard from Susie yet. She just arrived yesterday. “I think” I sent her my phone number.
      Yes, that fur hat on the fish lady was quite something. You see fur hats and coats everywhere. You would see a pic of mine but it’s been too warm for me to wear them except at night. Day time temps are in the high 40’s to 50 and just too warm for the heavy coat. By the way …all my fur is faux. Lots of what I see here is real.

  4. may1787 says:

    I don’t know what happened. I kept coming back to your blog but didn’t see any new posts until today…and there were a lot of them. I must have been using the original link and it only linked back to the first post of this trip. Oh well. Now I have loads to catch up on!
    I continue to be jealous and have really been yearning for Venice lately. Well, I won’t lie…Italy in general.
    As always, your photos are gorgeous and tell a story. I loved the polar bear. It looks like it was felted and cozy. Now I want one.
    Oh, and thanks for fulfilling my wish to see Venice at Christmas pictures.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      There will be lots more Christmas. I have tons of pictures that have not been posted. Maybe this weekend I’ll do the “Christmas Blog” or maybe wait till the 25th when there is limited vaporetto service.

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