Company for Tea

This afternoon I had plans to have company here for tea. A blog reader from the UK had contacted me and we made arrangements to meet and come back to my apartment.
So with that in mind and the fact that it had been nearly a week since I’d been to Punto and was out of nearly everything, I took a little meander over there. You’ve already seen the Punto pictures so I will not bore you with them again.
My little travel rolling tote was doing extra work as it was jammed full. The signora at the check out made sure that I understood that the cookies I bought were “buy one get one free” so I have more cookies than planned but they will fit in my suitcase and I’ll have enough for that other place too. I will not eat them all before I leave.
Plus I got two jars of my favorite pasta sauce…Putanesca. Yum! They were out of it last time I was there. In Italy you can buy pasta sauce in reasonably sized jars. A single person can not eat all the sauce in the size they sell in the US before it gets…well, you know (or maybe you don’t) that an open jar (even with the lid tight) of sauce in your fridge eventually becomes a biology project. I get about two servings out of these smaller jars. When I get back I’m going to contact Barilla both to find out why they don’t do the smaller jars in the US and also….why don’t they sell the Putanesca in the US? Is the name too racy? Do you think anyone would actually know what it means who isn’t Italian?
Okay, enough of my encounters in Italian grocery shopping. Sorry but it’s so much more fun here…shopping in a foreign language.
I didn’t get many photos but here are a couple of lovely shots of my table set for tea.
And in case my landlord is reading….no, I did not set the television on fire. That is a DVD that I tucked into my carryon at the last minute along with some other comfort items. It’s called “Fireplace Ambiance” and it gives you an hour of a lovely crackling fireplace. Very cozy for sitting and reading a book of an evening (or an afternoon or whenever I feel like reading a book). And no messy fireplace to clean and what would you do with the ashes here? Since there are no fireplaces in Venice that does not need an answer.
I was meeting my new friends at the Arsenale vaporetto stop to lead them here. They are familiar with Venice and could probably have found it on their own with my directions but this was probably much easier.
And you will see I was in time to catch the sunset.
We had a lovely visit and a cuppa and then I gave them directions to get back to the vaporetto. They didn’t call so I’m assuming they found it.
And then while sitting here I noticed something that for some reason I hadn’t noticed before. This happened because I’m using a different outlet for my converter and all my chargers so I’m sitting in a different chair at the table when working on this blog. There is a beautiful mask on the wall and when the light is on over the sofa and no other lights are on it casts a most interesting shadow.
Several coworkers were concerned about my traveling alone and what would I do? Wouldn’t I be lonely. Do I seem lonely? Since I spent the last 24 years talking to strangers for a living I have no trouble doing it wherever I go. There are no strangers….just people I have yet to meet.


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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7 Responses to Company for Tea

  1. Jan Graham says:

    Your apartment looks really lovely ,so cosy,

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    Grazie, Jan,
    Yes, it is very lovely and cozy. A real home from home. Wish you could have been here for tea.

  3. Jan Graham says:

    You know what , so do I

  4. may1787 says:

    Bore us with pictures of the Punto? Never!
    “I will not eat them all before I leave.” It seems you weren’t meaning this the way I mean it when I travel. I use it as a mantra. I buy food goods and I have to say to myself, I will not eat it, I will not eat it, I will not eat it! I always have to buy more before I go home. 🙂
    I immediately noticed your fireplace TV! My dad always loved this when we were too poor for homes with fireplaces. Now he has a real one and we never see the TV version anymore. It definitely works in a pinch though! And, you don’t have to clean up ashes.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Just my walk to Punto is such a joy. The funny thing is…my apartment back in that other place has a grocery store about the same distance away. I could walk…but they are one of the most expensive stores and it is really better to get in the car and drive five minutes to my favorite (and less expensive) Trader Joe’s. Saves lots of money…for trips to Venice.

  5. lizbethraab says:

    I tried to leave a comment yesterday and it didn’t work, so here I am today.
    The table setting just looks so inviting …
    Loved the soft colours in the sunset, third photo from the bottom. Magnificent!
    Ciao from Vienna

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