In Quest of Cats

In my meandering today I decided to visit what is left of the cat colony at San Lorenzo. It is very easy to find from here. Just head to Punto and turn left at the calle just before their door. I thought of stopping in to buy cat treats but decided it wouldn’t stop with that…something else would catch my eye so I just kept walking and soon I spied the Dingo cat houses…not as many (or as many cats) as there once were.
There are two of them snuggled behind the plastic flap to keep out rain and wind.
A very nice, well dressed young man in a beret began chatting with me about the cats. He told me he loves them and had been coming here since he was 12 years old and is now 24. He said there are fewer cats now because of the neutering program so Venice is not overrun with cats. He agreed that is probably good because the “Gattare”…cat ladies…are disappearing. While we were speaking the cats decided to come out of their cozy hole.
Poor thing seems to have a sore above the eye.
Here is one of the other ones.
I’m ready for my close-up.
We bid each other goodbye and went our separate ways. Sorry, ladies, I did not get a picture of the charming young Italian man in the beret.
I did take a few more pictures in this area.
And on the other side of the canal…where Guido Brunetti used to work…he mentioned in one book being able to see the cats out his office window. It is no longer a Questura…just a normal police station. I guess Commissario Brunetti has to deal with the commute to Mestre too.
Since I was in this general area I decided to head for San Giovanni e Paolo and then walk home from there to make sure I knew the route and could get home easily in the dark after Phil’s concert on the 22nd. Checked my map and headed out and it was an easy walk from San Lorenzo.
Yes, I know that is the back and I have to walk around the building but when I did I was enchanted by the hospital lions…which actually belong to the Scuola Grandi di San Marco but since there was an entrance to the hospital right there they are hospital lions to me. (I understand they have a cat colony at the hospital but wasn’t up to wandering the halls trying to find it).
Since I had no other plans I decided to go in and look around the church. I was pleasantly surprised when I asked about photos and he told me that as long as I did not use a flash I was fine.
Some of you have heard that I am reputed to be able to spot a cat on Mars with the naked eye. While that isn’t really true I’m pretty good at seeing them in windows and on porches when driving by in the car. All I did here was turn around and look out the window.
And now for the trek home. Out the front door to the left and around the corner and straight on till morning…no wait, that’s Peter Pan. Really it was an easy and fairly straight (for Venice) walk to San Francesco de la Vigna then turn right and another “fairly straight” with a zig here and a zag there to my door. “IF” I hadn’t spent so much time gazing in shop windows and stopping to take photos it would have taken 10 minutes…maybe less.
Those of you who have seen the German TV series based on the Donna Leon Commissario Brunetti books will recognize this area as being right outside the “fake” Questura.
And here it is …the doors Brunetti and Vianello are always going in and out and trying to avoid Patta like he’s the plague.
How many times have we watched Signorina Elettera cross this bridge? The actress from the series is nothing like my image of the Signorina from the books who is a beautiful,stylish, smart, tech savvy woman with very handy contacts at the phone company. This actress is somewhat “mousey”…lacking in style. And she gushes over Brunetti like she has a crush on him. That is not in the books. And no offense meant to the German actress who plays the part. I’m sure she is a lovely woman and is playing the part she is directed to play.
I understand why in an interview Donna Leon said it was very easy to tell they are not Italian (besides the fact that they speak German). They never touch each other. Italian friends touch each other…even men. Where in the US would you witness as I did just up the calle a man wishing his friend arrivederci and patting him on the tummy? Not happening in the US or Germany. And they could have been discussing his recent weight loss (or gain).
And again, if I hadn’t stopped to take photos..that bridge above is a two minute (tops) walk from my door. But I had to pause to get a picture, or two…one in each direction…from the Ponti dei Scudi…just by my door.
Monday is definitely the main laundry day. I couldn’t hang mine outside if I wanted to….I’m on the ground floor…it would impede boat traffic in the canal.

About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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6 Responses to In Quest of Cats

  1. lizbethraab says:

    Ciao, Misha
    Loved the photos inside the church, especially the one of a reflection of light on the marble floor. Glad you had a good “cat day” today.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Sadly I didn’t get to pet any of those cats. The ones in San Lorenzo are feral and very wary of people. It would take a long time to build up their trust. But it was good to see them. And there was food and water in the bowls so someone is looking out for them.

  2. Sue Merritt says:

    Your photography is so good…..I feel that I am in Venice with you. I may be here in Pennsylvania but my thoughts and heart are in Venezia with you. What a great travelogue you gift us with. Many thanks.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Ciao, Sue,
      Prints of any of those photos will be available for purchase after my return.;-) One of my former bosses said I should sell them. Maybe photography is my next career? Who knows?
      I’m just glad I can take you along.

  3. I love seeing Venice through your eyes. And cats! x0

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