How I went for a walk and saved 60 Euros

I decided to do some mundane things this morning like dishes and laundry. Yes, I got the lovely machine to dry after some fiddling with it. I’ve decided the directions in English are probably fine but it gives me t0o many choices for cycles etc. Back at that “other place” I have three and sometimes only two choices. According to the book I have something like eight settings for this machine. But I got it to do what I wanted. And that is a good thing.
My plan was to go out this afternoon and catch some more of that golden light. I was out the door about three pm and turned left instead of right as I had intended and ended up at the Riva. I felt like walking and turned in the direction of San Marco.
I stopped to admire my first “presepi” in the window of La Pieta.
And here is where I saved 60 Euros. I had been thinking about going to see Rigoletto at Musica a Palazzo for my birthday on December 12. The cost was/is 60 Euros. There in the doorway of La Pieta was a sign for a concert…you guessed it on December 12. The door was open and I went in and explained to the Signora behind the counter that I didn’t speak Italian very well but I would like to buy a ticket for the concert. She said “You can’t buy a ticket because it’s free” and she gave me a ticket. I am totally over the moon. I have always wanted to attend a concert at La Pieta….where Antonio Vivaldi taught and composed music to be played and sung by orphan girls. I don’t know anything about the group that is giving the concert. They are called Vocal Skyline and it is a Christmas Concert. But…it’s at La Pieta! It’s free! It’s an easy walk from my apartment! The gods were looking out for me.
And now a few of the photos from this afternoon:
The carabinieri have their tree up.
A rowing club?
And the final rays of sun catching the mosaics of San Marco.
And then I hurried through the Piazzetta to catch the ever changing colors as the setting sun sank behind La Salute.
And here I am taking a picture in the mirror. I’m hard to see, I’m to the left of the child in the hat. I’ll get a better picture later…in fur coat and hat…I promise.


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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11 Responses to How I went for a walk and saved 60 Euros

  1. lizbethraab says:

    Ciao Misha,
    Loved the first one and the last couple with the beautiful sunset on one of my favourite buildings in Venice! And those mosaics on the basillica with the sun on them..
    I thought I had posted here too, but can’t see it. Maybe it is too late in the evening.
    Ciao, ciao

  2. Susie L says:

    Gorgeous sunset photos, wow. I also really enjoyed the photo of San Zaccaria, I am very fond of that church. I think it is because on our first two visits, we had a room right across from the church with French doors and 2 balconies. I never tired of gazing upon that church and campo. There used to be a large cat colony there as well. Also, I love the building to the left of the church entrance, what an altana! Think of the wild parties Yvonne could throw up there! The church also contains one of my favorite paintings “Sacred Conversation” by Bellini.

  3. ytaba36 says:

    Darn WordPress is still picking on me! I don’t get notified when you (or Darlene) post anything new. Poor me!

    That’s so excellent to see/hear a show in La Pieta, good on ya.

  4. mvaden1948 says:

    Yvonne, I think I actually skipped out the door and down the steps with that ticket in my hand. I was so excited about it. I’m sure she could tell.
    And I’m pretty much posting something daily while the weather is so good. We could get a few days of rain but it’s not predicted in the 10 day forecast….lots of 9,10 and even 11 for temps (okay US people ….that is Celcius).
    And yes, I am awake at 4:30am…I’ll go back to sleep soon.
    Susie, I’ll have to go back and prowl around there looking for cats.

  5. Jan Graham says:

    Gorgeous photos AGAIN

  6. may1787 says:

    Those sunset shots are very serene. I love them!
    I have to say, you have a shot in there with a woman in a gondola and it looks very much like she is wearing a native Alaskan winter kuspuk and parka!

    • mvaden1948 says:

      If I remember correctly the lady in the gondola was wearing one of the hats that is quite popular here where the crown of the hat is something like leather and has fur all the way around and then her coat had a fur collar. I would have noticed anything that even resembled native Alaskan and made sure I got a picture just for you.
      You are keeping me very busy this morning with you catch up comments.
      Did you click follow at the top of the blog? You should be getting email with each new post.

  7. mvaden1948 says:

    Try going into reader on WordPress and editing your settings. I had to do that because there are a couple of blogs I follow that I wasn’t getting updates.

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