Needful Things

Not quite so much meandering today. It was still a beautiful day but since I had a date with my friend for Cioccolatta Caldo this afternoon I decided to have a quiet morning procuring my “needful things”.
The weather forecast said partly cloudy but a prediction for a high temperature of 53 degrees fahrenheit. It must have frozen overnight because most of the bridges were salted. But it was quite a pleasant walk to Punto in the sun.
I was down to my last two teabags so needed tea and I really needed to stock up on yogurt so I wasn’t going to Punto every few days. I know that it is very Italian to shop every day but I get so distracted by things I don’t need but want and well, you get the picture. And here when I turned around from putting the tea that was on special in my cart was this absolutely lovely heart shaped pasta. Well, if I were going to get a Christmas tree here (I’m not…don’t even want one) they would make lovely decorations tied on with a little rustic twine (says my inner Martha Stewart). But, wait, I can take them back to Seattle and put them on the fake tree I have there next Christmas when I’m pining for the place I was this Christmas. And the packaging is so lovely. Talked myself into it. You probably would too.
Brought those few things home and then off to Punto Casa to see if they had some things I think I need. Of course when I looked at the prices I found I didn’t need them as badly as I thought I did. They would have been helpful but I didn’t “need” them. Prices are not ultimately high when you remember that having goods delivered here is very labor intensive; involving boats and people with fancy(and not so fancy) hand trucks down narrow calles and over bridges. So all things considered….prices are not high. Just more than I wanted to pay. But…I did find a couple of things that are helpful and I can take back with me.
My first excursion to Punto I bought a package of soup mix thinking that although the instructions are in Italian what do I have to do besides dump it in water and boil it for the time on the package? Well, you need to dump it in 750 ml of water. I have no idea (not being on the metric system or a chemistry wiz) what 750 ml looks like. Honest I looked it up on the internet and is said 3 and 11/64’s cups. Who measures in 64’s? Rocket scientists probably. So I bought a nice plastic measuring beaker that will do just fine back in Seattle too. After all since I hope to move to Venice I should learn metric…as well as Italian (and some bad words in the Venetian dialect would probably be helpful too). And I got a little set of storage containers for left overs. Probably most people who stay here don’t cook, let alone have leftovers. When you stay a month you cook and deal with things like leftovers…particularly when dining alone. Both of these items can be stuffed with soft things and taken back to Seattle with me. And then…well, they have a lot of stuff in there. If they don’t have it you probably don’t need it. And the Christmas decorations were out..and there was this really “cute” set of window cling film snowflakes with Santa (I know…Babbo Natale) and reindeer and a sleigh and I thought how nice it would look in my living room windows for all those tourists taking pictures from the bridge and the application instructions are in about eight languages including English. And they swear it doesn’t damage surfaces. And they are peel and stick and come back off easily and are reusable so…oh, also pack flat…again something I can use here and in that other place. No pictures because they aren’t going up till next week after my birthday because I grew up with a mother who refused to allow it to be Christmas until after December 12 so that her eldest daughter would have both Christmas and her birthday…separately.
That was my morning. Along with meeting and petting the same fluffy white cat at the intersection of Calle dei Scudi that I met last year. I said “Ciao, bella gatto” and was corrected by the Senora with “him”…bello.
In the afternoon I had a date to meet Karen at the Giardini for cioccolata caldo and decided that since it was such a nice day I would walk there.
And it was a lovely day for laundry.
It took exactly 10 minutes for me to walk casually (slowly over bridges) from my door to our meeting spot. So I was early and snapped this shot of this woman in this great hat (just wait till you see my leopard one) not letting her know I was taking her picture.
This cafe/bar is in this lovely greenhouse:
Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of the cioccolata caldo and piece of lemon cake I had but I can tell you it was a lot less than yesterday…only 7.50 Euros and great company.
I took some pictures around the garden center area. They didn’t have the cyclamen for my window ledges in the color I wanted so will go back to Rialto Mercato soon.
I made a new friend who really like being petted.
Karen and I said “Ciao” on the Via Garibaldi and I meandered on home when the light was just golden.
This was taken from the bridge just to the left of the Aresenale vaporetto stop.
And then an immediate right turn into this narrow calle and I’m headed for home.
The view from the last bridge before home.
The sun has now set and the temperature is rapidly dropping to the predicted 32 degrees F. There will probably be salt on the bridges again in the morning. But it still warmer here than that other place.


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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7 Responses to Needful Things

  1. Susie L says:

    Another beautiful meander Michelle! Thank you for sharing!

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    Grazie, Susie. I’m hoping this glorious weather holds for you.

  3. lizbethraab says:

    Ciao, Misha
    Again, what beautiful photos! My favourites are the first and second and the cat with beautiful blue eyes. I am normally a dog person, so that is something. The second picture looks a little like Zattera, which was another place I loved.
    Glad you have been so lucky with the weather. Today was warmer than yesterday but not that one would really notice, much.
    Ciao, Liz .

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Wrong location, Liz. I was walking along the Riva between the Arsenale and the Giardini.
      Earlier in the walk I saw a dog you would have loved. A big white, I think Samoyed…looking for all the world like he was joyfully dancing along.
      And I ran into my chihuahua friend Peggy and her Senora. They must live in the area near the Arsenale vaporetto stop as that is where I met them yesterday. They both remembered me.
      Careful, I’ll turn you into a cat person yet.

  4. lizbethraab says:

    Hi Misha,
    I had to chuckle! Maltesers are still my favourites, though – like the one yesterday. Remember the one near the Rialto Bridge that I saw twice and his/her owner was so friendly too.
    Yes, I also remember that Zatterre was a much narrower fondamente than the one in your photo. It was quite a long journey back to Marcuola.
    Ciao, & have a nice evening

  5. may1787 says:

    “No pictures because they aren’t going up till next week after my birthday because I grew up with a mother who refused to allow it to be Christmas until after December 12 so that her eldest daughter would have both Christmas and her birthday…separately.”

    Your mother sounds intelligent and respectful! Very smart.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      It was both a blessing and a curse in a country that starts putting out Christmas things right around Labor Day or earlier. And it gets worse every year.
      Here the Christmas things really get going around December 8 and keep being added to almost daily.
      And I really love the fact that you are not constantly bombarded with Christmas music here.

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