Pooh in a Gondola

When considering a title for this post I decided to access my inner child. Those of you who know me personally realize she is never far from the surface.

And just in case you forgot where we were and how gloriously blue the sky can be here:


I followed this red coat all along the Fondamenta de la Misericordia. I wanted to get a good shot of it flapping in the breeze but I think you get the picture.

A view along the fondamenta…looking back along the way I’ve come.

And now follow me to the end of the fondamenta to where we can go no further…at least not without a boat.
The end of the line…Sacca della Misericordia, according to the map I just consulted.
And the mountains in the distance.13-DSCN2362
I then retrace my steps for a while and realized that earlier in the day I would have needed “Wellies”.
And here a mirror created by a human being combines with water to make an incredible work of art.
Here I spoke broken Italian and understood French. A man was taking a picture of his lady and I offered to use their camera and take them together.
I’m not exactly sure where I am and I’ve left home without a map but I don’t care.
Suddenly this gondola looked familiar. No, they do not all look alike.
I was at the Christmas Tree Lot on Strada Nova…not far from the Bila I passed when I got off the vaporetto at Ca d’Oro. I had done a large loop and had been walking for nearly three hours. Not a small feat for a woman my age with an arthritic knee! Thank you, Dr. Marion!
I turned back towards Ca d’Oro but..I wasn’t ready to ride yet and continued to follow the “Per Rialto” signs.
And here I spotted….you guessed it… Pooh, in a Gondola!
He and his friends are riding in style.
And now something some of us have never seen….the Rialto Bridge without graffiti!
I got on the vaporetto at the Rialto and caught this while she (yes, she) rested between stops. I saw a few women working on the vaporetti last year but there seem to be even more now. I’ve seen four already including one I remember from last year.
Sun and shadow.
On my walk home from the Arsenale stop I bumped into a friend I made the other day.
I did manage to do an errand on my way out this morning. I stopped in the shop with the clocks and met the artist Martina Purisiol. We communicated in my limited Italian and her limited English. She designs and makes the ceramic clocks herself and the clock works (the moving parts) are from Germany. The one in the window which is the size of a large dinner plate is 270 Euros, she has a smaller one (salad plate size) for 225 Euros. I let her know that I was staying near the Ponti dei Scudi and would be back near the end of December at the end of my trip.
My question to ponder; can I in good conscience spend that much money on a clock? It is a handmade work of art. I’ll await a sign from the cat.

About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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3 Responses to Pooh in a Gondola

  1. lizbethraab says:

    Dear Misha,
    Lovely!! My favourites are the one with the very blue skies, the archways with those amazing reflections (and others too) and the photo above the friend you made the other day.
    Thoroughly enjoying your updates.
    Ciao, ciao Liz

  2. Jan Graham says:

    So glad the weather is being good to you, and that the knee is holding out,

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