Continuing the Celebration….

Several years ago when a friend of mine turned 65 (you know who you are) she celebrated all week. I have a year to go but I’m celebrating this one all month obviously.

Today was again Tanto Freddo. Very cold. But with my new hat and what I have come to call my “Seattle Snow Boots” I was prepared. Funny this time of year I don’t have to fight to get that front outside seat on the vaporetto. What I tend to get is looks of “who is that crazy woman”. Yes, it was “bracing” to say the least and I never believed that my knees could get that cold and next time I am going to invest in the silk glove liners.

The sun refused to make an appearance so pictures are mostly architectural details, Christmas decorations and a bit of whimsy.

Here is the first bit of whimsy…oh the indignity of it all…yes, it is the lion on the pillar near Piazza San Marco…

Can someone lend me a hand?

This one has seen more than on Acqua Alta by the looks of things

Yes, Silkie, I will get one.

No one in the courtyard today

Christmas trees and gondolas

I covet these shoes. Some of you know I have a “thing” for red shoes.


Poor kitty…

My first home in Venice…one of you will recognize that door….with the impossible keys.

Where Atilla used to hang out. Okay, explanation in order. Atilla is a cat who was an “official greeter” of this area. It was two doors down from the apartment in the previous picture. He has been mentioned in many trip reports and after being mentioned in mine in 2008 I would get pictures of him when friends (and a few people I didn’t know) went to Venice. The cats would go in and out of that window. It seemed to have been a Dingo shelter. If I can talk to someone at the Dingo event on Saturday I will try to find out what happened to Atilla and the cats who lived here. Here is his picture from when I last saw him in 2010. Snoozing in the sun.

My favorite doors of the day

And last evening, the most amazing dinner at Luna Sentada…I’ll post a note with their website so you can click through because you  have to read his philosophy.

Karen told me that she had forgotten to mention that I was “a Guido Guest” when she made the reservation but she didn’t have to because he knew who I was when I walked in the door. Hmm, phone call from Padova??;-)  I was treated like a combination of old family friend and visiting royalty. Ultimately I did look at the menu but didn’t have to because I knew I was going to order exactly what had been recommended (by the person in Padova).

And when I declined the Prosecco because I do not drink any alcohol, I was presented with this…

Special aperitif …just for Michelle…non-alcoholic. 

As instructed by my former photography instructor Mike…we both think I did a good job with this.

Karen deciding what to order

Mike, ordering wine and demonstrating his agility with chopsticks…just back from China

Sorry Mike but I zoomed in for a close up because I’m pretty sure this is who Shell thinks looks like Colin Farrell.

My six surprises…yes, that is what it said on the menu…but then I’m pretty adventurous most of the time

I loved it all but my favorite! And I have never eaten a sardine before in my life. Sardines in sweet onions, raisins and pine nuts.

I did not get a picture of my main course which was salmon and vegetables in foil…I was enjoying the food so much that I simply forgot…but I did get one of the Tiramisu….a very different and very delicious Tiramisu

As I said in my email..


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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10 Responses to Continuing the Celebration….

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    And here is the website. I’m hoping it comes through as an actual link that you can click on:

    When you are in Venice I highly recommend that you have a meal here.

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    Thank you for cooperating WordPress.

  3. Bert says:

    Your favorite doors are those of those of the Palazzo Tiepolo Passi, San Polo 2774, in case you wanted to find out more about them.

  4. mvaden1948 says:

    Grazie, Bert. Probably the reason I keep you around.
    They were such a lovely shade of blue. Think I’m going to print that and hang it on the wall.

  5. mvaden1948 says:

    The door picture that is.

  6. Well, what a magnificent day and night! Thank you for the restaurant tip {could be a while before I get to use it, but I’ll stow it away for safe keeping!!} And I did a double take when I saw your photo of Mike ~ I thought perhaps Colin Farrell had stopped past your table for a fleeting moment. Love your doors, too ~ the colour is captivating. A feast in many ways, Misha. Have another lovely weekend in your paradise.

  7. mvaden1948 says:

    Maybe the person from Padova can pass on to his friend that a lady in Australia thinks he looks like Colin Farrell,

  8. mvaden1948 says:

    And for those of you who may be wondering …I even looked up a recipe for Sarde in Saor to see if I could make it for my friends in Seattle….possibly if I can get those nice boys at the Pike Place Market to clean the fresh sardines for me. And I do have two, yes, two Venetian cookbooks. Okay, one doesn’t count because it’s the Brunetti one. But the other one is a valid cook book with traditional recipes. And lovely pictures of Venice which is why my good friend in Ireland had it sent to me for my birthday several years ago.

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