Monday Meander

Amazing what you can find when you are looking at something else. Today I was very lazy with only plans to go to Punto for milk, maybe a couple of other things. I am usually an early morning person back in Seattle because I like to get my shopping done before the crowds. Well, this morning even though I was up by 7:30 am…the time I would normally be leaving for work….I was still in my jammies finishing my coffee at 11:30…this just isn’t me. No wait…it’s the new me, the Venice me. It’s okay, I have nowhere I have to be at a specific time. So Punto will be a little more crowded…so what.

I really was almost out the door when I got a text from Karen asking if I’d like to meet her in my Campo for tea. I said yes, of course, knowing I had plenty of time to do what I needed to do.

Here are a few pictures from Punto as I know some of you are wondering what a “super mercato” in Venice looks like.

Decorations are up. Here, I’ll pull back so you get a better idea. I was standing in line at checkout

Just like a small grocery story…only everything (and I mean everything…including cat food) is in Italian. Which is only natural because I am in Italy…Venice, Italy.

I wish I’d had the courage to take the picture of the lady shopping in her mink coat. Fur coats are very big here…along with fur hats. Yes, hat shopping tomorrow…mine will be “faux”.

Here is a furry friend waiting outside Punto

Walking to meet Karen I spied this through a grilled door on the Calle dei Scudi

A pause to take a picture of the railings on this bridge I cross almost daily, sometimes several times in one day.  Note: salt on bridge.

I was so busy getting a picture of this door that I didn’t see Karen waving from the calle

We had cappuccino (for me) and tea(for her) and great conversation at my local bar(Seattle people…think Starbucks )

After our visit I wandered around the Campo taking pictures of architectural details (and doors of course)

Don’t know why I never noticed this before…maybe it was just the right light…it is directly above the main entrance to the church

How did that bit of green get up there?

And when I turned to my left…there she was…

I almost felt like I was invading her privacy

Just around the corner…

 Yes, the sky really is that blue it is not “photo shopped”
The door was open…this is just off Calle d L’Arco
I am very much the opportunist when it comes to photographs
Very near Calle dei Scudi

About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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6 Responses to Monday Meander

  1. Bert says:

    That’s a surprising thing to see! [Photos 13 and 14] You can find copies in the Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista, and in the Palazzo Ducale. The original is also in the Palazzo Ducale, but behind glass. Some very interesting shots, Misha.

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    Grazie, Bert.
    I was indeed very, very surprised to turn my head and see that….right next door to the church…in between the church and my favorite hardware store.
    With compliments I guess I’ll let you stay (we do have a bit of “history”)

  3. Bert says:

    San Giovanni in Bragora – where Vivaldi was christened – I’ve read that they left a patch of the left wall of the apse unrestored for comparison purposes, I suppose. Can you confirm that please? Have you found the red heart-shaped stone? It was spoilt by graffiti last time I saw it.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      I will have to go by and check it out for you, Bert.
      No, haven’t even looked for the red heart-shaped stone. The graffiti police were out last week cleaning walls so maybe…
      I know they were because they destroyed my landmark…I couldn’t depend on those yellow table cloths (not there after dark) so was using the graffiti…someone had scrawled “cats” on the wall. Very appropriate for me…but it’s gone. But luckily…I’ve been here long enough I know my way.

  4. may1787 says:

    I really like her! I wonder if she is a fixture or more of a temporary installment. In case I come visit one day I would enjoy seeing her.

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