A Perfect Day

On a scale of 1 to 10 today was a 10.5. The .5 is near the end.

The day dawned very cold. Weather.com said it was 33 degrees Fahrenheit in Venice at 7 am this morning when I got up. Brrrr! But it was predicted to be a sunny day with a high around 45. Sorry those in Celcius land…I don’t have the conversion…all I know from Canadian TV is that 70 is about 20….because they get really excited in Vancouver BC when it hits 20 degrees.

Here comes the sun….


So with coat, hat and gloves I set out.

Look at the light through the church window


With the sun it really wasn’t so cold and I didn’t need to put on my hat and took off the gloves and put them in my pocket….just in case.

This it the calle our Nona took us down the other day. Isn’t it lovely in the sunshine?


My object was to take the vaporetto to the Rialto stop and get my monthly pass for December since I am going to be here for well over half the month and it is quite a savings. The machines have not taken my credit card and I finally figured out it is probably because it doesn’t have a chip and needs to be “swiped”.

This is what I saw on the way there…


Beautiful shades of blue

The Bridge of Sighs


The Bridge of Sighs

Working on the water in many ways


Working on the water

Or not working as the case may be


Or not…no he has not just fallen backwards…he is laid back with his feet up

Another man of Venice enjoying the sun


Some one looks happy doing his job

She seems to have a houseboy


She seems to have a houseboy…see picture of same balcony in post Venetian Dreaming Day One and a Half

A wedding on the Grand Canal


A different balcony, a different story…

And another flotilla...but it wasn't them I was after...


Funny tourists…they thought I wanted their picture…what I really wanted was….

It was them....the gondoliers


The Gondoliers

Christmas is on the way


Well, this looks like a “green” sustainable Christmas tree…I think it’s bamboo

Many more gondolas, this is very close to Piazza San Marco


Lots and lots of gondolas.

And then I heard a beautiful male voice crooning (yes, crooning in the old style) Autumn Leaves…and he saw me, and he waved and if I hadn’t had both hands on the camera I would have blown him a kiss

Or maybe it was just the location or the handsome man in a gondola


And then I came into Piazza San Marco for the first time since my arrival…there were still puddles from the minor Acqua Alta but they made great pictures

But such wonderful reflections

Gulls having a wade

Yes, people are sitting out in the water having a coffee or a spritz


And yes, people were sitting at the tables with their feet in the water. It was only a couple of inches deep….in fact since I was wearing boots…not their plastic kind but boots, I waded through a bit myself.

On top of the Campanile (that is the angel's index finger)


Absolutely amazing what a 42x’s zoom lens will do. And for those of you doing a double take that is the top of the Campinille and that is the angel’s index finger.

Detail on the Bascillica de San Marco


Detail on the Basilica



And by now I was in an area that was just a little (try a lot) too crowded to get pictures without a lot of strangers in them so I headed for home. Oh, yes, I did get the pass…she swiped my card and it went through like a dream.

And here is the .5…just as I was getting to Calle dei Scudi there was a chocolate brown Siamese cat. Two ladies were standing there and I indicated I would like to pet the cat and they said “Si, si”

An answer to my gatti prayers....sort of friendly


Well, just as I reached down I was attacked from behind. This big white ball of fur meowing and purring and winding around my legs as much as saying “Pet me, Pet Me!” and moving so fast I couldn’t get a picture. I finally got a good what we call “cat fix”. And I know where they live…across the calle from the Vianellos.

And to close this post I have to say that I am happy with my life. I really like who I have spent all of these years growing up to be. I have not been unhappy. But today as I nearly skipped childlike through the puddles in Piazza San Marco (probably would have if I had been wearing higher boots) I realized I was smiling more and feeling better than I have in a very, very long time. As in I can’t remember when time. And I’ve decided it must be love. And since it is love for Venezia the only heartache will be caused by our prolonged separation.


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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10 Responses to A Perfect Day

  1. Sue Merritt says:

    What a glorious day! Your writings showed me that your heart must have been filled with joy. That’s what Venice does for me. It’s hard to put the feeling into words, but I think you know what I mean.

    Your pictures are great, so clear, the color so vibrant. What camera do you have? I only have a Canon 610 Point and Shoot.

    I look forward to reading about the next leg of your trip.


    Sent from my iPad

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    My camera is a Nikon Coolpix P510 with 16.1 Megapixels and 42X optical zoom. These pictures were shot pretty much in “landscape” mode and obviously I used the zoom a lot (bride on balcony etc). Mike Henderson looked at it at dinner the other evening. If you will remember he does photography tours here in Venice…it is how I met them. We were laughing because I was taking pictures of the meal he cooked for me and had the camera on the food setting. Yes, it has a food setting. And a pet portrait setting that automatically takes the picture when the pet (like a cat) is in focus. Pretty cool. I was upgrading my camera (this is my third Nikon Coolpix) last spring and compared several, including different brands and chose this one …mostly for that great zoom. Oh, and since there was no difference in price I got the red one;-)

  3. mvaden1948 says:

    And no matter what the time and date says there…it is 8:49am here and I need to finish my coffee and be out the door. The day will not wait for me.

  4. Your photos are beautiful, Misha, and oh ~ how wonderful that you got your kitty fix! {The yin and yang of it. 😉 } The Autumn Leaves serenade moment would have been magical, too. Venice is a beautiful romance. By the way, my {old!} camera is a Nikon CoolPix, too. It’s a dinosaur now, but considering how early it was in digital cameras at the time, it still takes some pretty great pics. When I get a new one, you’ve made me think seriously about staying with them! Ciao for now… have another lovely day in the city of your dreams.

  5. mvaden1948 says:

    Ciao and grazie Shell,
    Yes, that was indeed a magical moment and he is still singing in my head. I happened to be the only person standing there at the time and it would have been obvious to him that I was trying to take a picture of him. He was so charming about it.
    My first trip to Venice I had a little, fits in your hand and in your pocket Nikon Coolpix…it is the one I used on my photography tour with Mike and I got some really great pics…including a night shot of Basilica San Marco in the fog. Guess though when I upgrade again it will need to be a DSLR…will probably stay with Nikon.
    Just made plans to visit the Christmas Market in San Polo with my friend Karen this afternoon so will have pictures later.

  6. mvaden1948 says:

    For those who either aren’t familiar with the song Autumn Leaves or haven’t heard it in a long time here is a lovely version (not as good as yesterday…no one is going to top that) but nice and nice video of …autumn leaves.

    I will be getting this CD when I get back to Seattle. I should have followed that gondola…maybe he has a CD.

  7. mvaden1948 says:

    Oh, wow, it put the video in! Enjoy!

  8. mvaden1948 says:

    And since it put in the video here is a crooner singing it sounding much closer to the one yesterday…but not from a gondola, in Venice. Dear Andy he was always a favorite of mine.

  9. may1787 says:

    Your ending paragraph is really insightful and it reminds me of my own experiences with travel, despite still being a “youngin'” I think travel really opens up opportunity for self-reflection (especially if it is solo travel). A lot of my friends who wouldn’t even think of solo travel can’t even imagine the positives of self-reflection.
    I thought your St. Marks photographs with the puddle reflections are really quite lovely. I think that someday I would like to experience aqua alta, even though it scares me!

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Yes, Leah , as you know the time for reflection when you travel alone is probably one of the best things about it. Plus you open yourself to meeting new people who would not approach you if you were part of a couple or a group. You have more opportunity to interact with locals and other travelers. I wish I had started when I was your age.
      What you have to really remember about Acqua Alta is that it is tidal. It won’t hurt you or kill you (unlike a tsunami) and it’s gone in a few hours. Yes, it can do damage if you aren’t prepared but Venetians have been dealing with it for a very long time. They know what to do.
      Come in November/December…you’ll get your chance to experience it.

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