Acqua Alta: The Adventure

Ciao Amici,

I know I have been “missing in action” for a few days so here I am to catch you up. I have  been doing mundane things like babying my sore knee and grocery shopping and just wandering around. Grocery shopping at Punta my local supermercato was fun because I was with my friend Karen Henderson of ( please copy and paste the link into your browser for info on their wonderful private tours in Venice) . We spent the morning together on Tuesday just catching up and getting to know each other better. After shopping we stopped in a local bar near here for tea and cappuccino. Talked some more and then headed to a restaurant that she knew for lunch. We both had a delicious pasta dish with crab sauce. I will get the name and location from her because otherwise I will never find it again.

That afternoon I received email from my landlord that he was concerned about the Acqua Alta coming on Wednesday night, late. He asked if I would be willing to move to an apartment he has at S. Elena for just the one night for my comfort and he would stay here to deal with the water if it got as high a his sailor’s sense told him it would be…possibly 140 cm and the apartment is ground floor at 135 cm. It has to do with wind direction. The high water…not the apartment.


Water in the Rio out my window about 4 pm on Tuesday.


Same shot Wednesday morning about 7 am…not quite that blue…had something to do with time of day and camera setting.

Wednesday at 9am Guy was at my door to escort me to the other apartment. We dashed to the vaporetto…attempting to miss the morning high tide.  S. Elena is where my friends Karen and Mike Henderson are now living and this apartment was just a short walk from them. It is just two vaporetto stops from here but seems a world away. And it is on higher ground.


Guy, my landlord

Guy headed back to do what he needed to do and I called Karen and she and Mike met me for cappuccino.


Mike and Karen Henderson

We had a nice visit and they went on about their day and since it had started to rain I went back to the apartment to read and relax…deciding on an “internet free” day.

When I went to make myself a cup of tea I could not find a spoon in the kitchen to save my soul. No cutlery for dining at all. Hmm this seemed strange. I opened every drawer and cabinet. Even checked in the living room as that is where the main dining table is. Nothing…niente. Since Guy was coming by later to take some measurements in the apartment I would just ask. So, he had the same problem…opening every drawer and cabinet. I didn’t feel quite so dumb. I went to the living room to get out of the way. And then he called me back to the kitchen. The one place I didn’t think to look, a drawer in the kitchen table. I said “well, at least I didn’t have any trouble getting water out of the tap”…he smiled because that was my first email to him from the other apartment…I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the tap in the kitchen.

So on to waiting out the water. Around 7 pm he sent me a text that the wind had changed and there was no danger of water in the apartment and he was going home so I could go back on Thursday any time.

Then as I was preparing to turn in for the night the siren sounded…with four chimes (for lack of a better word in English) which is 140 cm. My phone rang…Karen asking if I wasn’t glad I was here in S. Elena and not there. I said “But I got a text that the wind had changed and Guy went home hours ago.” She said the website from the city said red alert and unusually high water. I texted Guy but of course he had his text and email from the city. His contact would keep an eye open and let him know if he needed to return.

The next day all was fine and there was no water in the apartment and I happily returned here. Very happily. The other apartment is beautiful but I had already developed an attachment to this one…probably too much of an attachment. My home from home.

Have I told you that I could live here? Would love to live here?

Ciao for now,
Your crazy would be, wanna be Venetian friend. Do I have water on the brain? No, it’s only Acqua Alta…it comes in, it goes out. And I continue to have a wonderful time. It is going way too fast.


About mvaden1948

I love to travel to Venice (and probably other parts of Italy and beyond) and my camera leads me where she wants without any consideration as to whatever plans I may have. I enjoy photographing nature, my cat and anything that strikes my fancy. I have a "thing" for interesting doors and architectural details.
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3 Responses to Acqua Alta: The Adventure

  1. Bert says:

    Do you know what’s good for water on the brain? – A tap on the knee!
    But shouldn’t you be saying “faucet”?

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    And considering the state of my knee…please don’t tap on it.

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